Greatest Show On Turf - 2023 (16 images)
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Members who brought out their Mopars included ...
Bob Gough ('67 Barracuda Formula S), Jeff & Julie Walker ('68 GTX), Tom Ferreira ('69 Valiant Signet), John Joseph ('70 Charger)*,
Dan Harp ('67 Coronet), Debbie Kane ('68 Charger), Paul & Paula Polentz ('69 Road Runner), Matt Domen (2015 Dodge Hellcat),
Eric & Brenda Bense(2012 Challenger Yellow Jacket), Kathy Silcott (2021 Dodge Hellcat), Larry Runser (2006 Chrysler 300C),
Don Bone ('70 Hemi Challenger), Tom Ziarkowski ('67 Barracuda convertable) and Dave Russell ('66 Barracuda)

Bill Baugh worked the show on behalf of the Car Club Council.

*Trophy Winner, Best Mopar


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