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Mopar Clubs:

Antelope Valley Mopars

Chrysler Performance West

Mopar Alley


Mopar Branded Websites



Mopar content Websites

Mopar's official Web site:
Site for HEMI® enthusiasts:
Chrysler’s official Web site:

MOPAR Information Clearing House:
Dodge’s official Web site:

Your "All in One" MOPAR source:
Fiat® brand's official Web site:

A Mopar Enthusiast Network:
Jeep’s official Web site:

Parts for older 1936-1974 MOPARS:
Atlas Obsolete Parts
Ram brand's official Web site:

For 'A' Bodies Only:
Chrylser SRT's official Web site:

For 'B' Bodies Only:
Mopar Parts installer resource:
For 'C' Bodies Only:
To order service and owner manuals:
For 'E' Bodies Only:
Mopar wearables and merchandise:
LX Challenger Forum & Owner's Club:
Mopar community on Facebook:

The "top 100" Mopar sites:


The HEMI Hideout
(of course it's in TEXAS!)

Classic car resource links, from buying to restoring to maintanance and everything in between

Classic Cars 101
and ...
Complete Guide to Classic Cars

All about Hot Rods
The Hot Rod Resource Guide

An article on the history
of the car radio ...
History of the car radio

Courtesy Sophie Brown
Teacher at Homeschooling Adventures

Traveling? Check out this map of automotive museums across the US.
Map courtesy of Ashley Grader.
(Used by permission)

On line Publications:

Street Muscle Mag
Mopar Action
Mopar Connection
Mopar Collector's Guide
Street Muscle Magazine

Check out the best on-line Mopar Community on the Web:


More than just cars in barns:

Torco Fuels Online Drag Racing Magazine

Visit The Mopar Webring

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