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All American Car Show 2024
This year's edition of the All American Car Show,
sponsored by Mopar Club San Diego
is scheduled for August 3, 2024.


Registration & attendance information

** CAR SHOWS! **
For lists of upcoming car shows and car related events
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72 Challenger
Club members Larry & Debbie Johnson are selling their '72 Challenger.
Click here for details.


Mopar Club San Diego has partnered with ARI Appraisal to provide a 10% discount on online auto appraisals for all our members using the discount code: SANDIEGOMOPAR.

ARI Appraisal provides the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get a professional appraisal on your vehicle so you can protect your investment - all through an online platform. We specialize in classic, custom or otherwise unique vehicles. Our appraisals are used for insurance purposes, estates, divorce, financing, charitable donations and more. Our appraisals have even been accepted by the likes of Le May Auto Museum for their displays.

Please check out for more information and to get started on an appraisal of your classic Mopar.

Hagerty Ins

How much is your classic Mopar worth?

Use these valuation tools
from Hagerty Insurance and find out




URGENT: Send a Letter to EPA
Opposing California’s ICE Ban

WARNING: California Introduces Bill to
Mandate Speed Limiters

For a list of other related legislative actions
SEMA is following, click here:
Legislative Actions

About SEMA

Need help in finding the least expensive gasoline prices in our area?

Gas prices in San Diego - price comparison

Some Mopar (and other general automotive) topics of interest ...

Contributed by Robert Gough:

Willow Springs Raceway For Sale

How the hemi dominated the 1964 Daytona500

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MOPAR Technical Help for members
If you have a MOPAR technical question you'd like answered, please call our resident "MOPAR Techie"
Steve Williams @ 619 988 0778

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