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All American Car Powwow I

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October 21, 2012

We'd like to thank ...

All the generous doners & sponsors who gave cash gifts or donated raffle prizes. Our sincere apologies to any that we have overlooked.

THANKS ALSO to all the unnamed members of The Mopar Club San Diego and the San Diego Chapter
of the Pontiac Oakland International club who donated their time and effort to help make the show the success it was.


The morning dawned, dark and a bit forboding

Special thanks to Michael Harding
of Streetlegal.com
for his media coverage of the show:

Essential to the show's success were the raffle booth volunteers. From left Julie Walker, Debbie Johnson, Debbie Gough and Carolyn Mooney.

                                                Trophy Sponsors:      
  and the Trophy WINNERS:
Peoples' Choice Awards
Sponsored by the Mopar & Pontiac Clubs
Best Mopar - The Mopar Club:   Chauncy & Janis Newlin - '56 Plymouth Fury
Gil & Nancy Gresoro '66 Pontiac GTO
Best Pontiac - The Pontiac Club:   David Baun - '65 Pontiac Catalina 2+2
Joe Artino '69 Pontiac Firebird
Best Chevy - John Boville:   Bob & Cathy Richards - '56 Chevy 150 Sedan
Hal Engstrom '61 Pontiac Ventura
Best Ford - Harp Pest Control:   Sam Battaglia - '55 Ford Crown Vic
John Hartman '70 Dodge Challenger
Best GTO – Goldworks.com:   Ralph Hollis - '70 Pontiac GTO
Dale Mastelll '40 Ford Tudor Sedan
Best Convertible - Bill Baugh:   Earl Asbury - '66 Cadillac DeVille
Ken Alden '61 Pontiac Ventura
Best Sleeper - Tom Ferrera:   Sue Hirsch - '52 Plymouth Wagon
Harvey & Tolly Williamson '48 Plymouth Coupe
Best Street Rod - Walker Communications & Media Services:   Chuck Kramer - '30 Chevy Woodie
Glenn Rogers '65 Shelby Cobra
Best Engine - Jerry & Kristy Keller:   Jose Estrella - '71 Dodge Challenger
Sue Hirsch '52 Plymouth Wagon
Best Vintage Pony Car - Dave & Cindy Keetch:   Dan Esposito - '66 Mustang Fastback
Gerry & Barbara Fleming '55 Chevy Bel Air
Best Paint - Ben & Ann Giangiulio:   Jim & Dene Payne - '42 Ford Coupe
Travis Williams '71 Chevelle S/S
Best Truck - Charlie & Natale Shawl:   Hot Rod Holly Amnsman - '56 Chevy P/U
Lou & Joyce Heyn '68 Chevy Camaro
Best Race Car - Jerry & Kristy Keller:   Dwayne Norman - '73 Datsun 510
Steve Elliott '68 Plymouth Road Runner
Best GM That's Not A Bow Tie - Bob Gough:   George Cowman - '37 Buick Special Coupe
Norman Callahan '67 Pontiac GTO
Best Custom - Earl Asbury:   Cody Hil - '42 Ford 2 Door Sedan  
Best Modern Pony Car - The Mopar & Pontiac Clubs:   David & Donna Hester - '09 Dodge Challenger  
Best Corvette - The Mopar & Pontiac Clubs:   Dale Vermilliam - '67 Vette  
Best Low Rider - The Mopar & Pontiac Clubs:   Robert Toral - '38 Chevy Delux  


Club Participation award (Sponsored by the Mopar & Pontiac Clubs) -
$100 was awarded to the club with the most entries (based on pre-reg entries).
Congratulations to the Poway Cruisers

Voted Best of Show:

John & Nancy Coons' 1962 Chevy Impala

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