Club cruise to March AFB Museum on March 4, 2017

We had 40 people and 24 Mopars, with a mix of classic and modern Mopars, including 4 Hellcats, plus John Joseph's Cadillac SUV for the cruise cruise to the March Air Museum. The museum was a whole lot bigger than most of us ever anticipated and very well done. We spent 2.5 hours there, and some could have spent more! Eric Bense did a yeoman's job making all the arrangements, including dealing with a 2-week rain postponement and setting up a lunch stop at Sizzler on way back.

The attendees were:
Barbara and Bill Baugh, Brenda and Eric Bense, Beth and George Bittle, Joe Bourdage, Tom Bourdage, Lee DeTro and Marie Roecker, Craig Ellsworth, the Larry Engles, the Charles Ettaris, Ann and Ben Giangiulio, Debbie and Bob Gough, Debbie and Larry Johnson, John Joseph, Kristy and Jerry Keller, Elsa Kleinfieldt, the Glen Kliskeys, Dave Lancaster and friend Joe, Andre Murphy, Paul Polentz, Dave Russell, Kay and Jim Signorelli, Carolyn and Hal Sullivan, Ryan and Steve VanderSchaaf, Julie and Jeff Walker

Some of the rides …

the rides

In the left photo, Larry, Jeff, Ben, Ann and Debbie are seen under the belly of a B52 bomber. In the right hand photo Debbie and Bob Gough, Barbara and Bill Baugh and Jim Signorelli are seen in front of a TA-4 jet.


Julie M. Walker, Secretary

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